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ArrowBio Process
The ArrowBio process was developed to meet the problem of modern waste disposal. ArrowBio treats waste as a resource rather than a disposal problem. The ArrowBio process is not a static system. It is fully adaptable and flexible to meet a range of customer requirements. The system prevents the release of methane to atmosphere, preventing global warming and contributing to carbon reduction.

The ArrowBio process integrates an water based materials reclaimation facility and an anaerobic digestion based waste water treatment facility. The combination eliminates any need for prior separation of mixed waste streams.

The following types of wastes can be treated as received:

  • Municipal solid waste
  • Sorted or unsorted food waste
  • Garden Waste
  • Slaughterhouse wastes
  • Sludge from sewage and water treatment plants
  • Industrial settling tank sludge
  • Manures and agricultural residues



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