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Michael Dunn and John Kutner appointed as Non-Executive Directors

18th January 2008

Oaktech at CIWM 2008 Exhibition

10th-12th June 2008

ArrowBio Sydney- Opening Ceremony

4th July 2008

ArrowBio Sydney Undergoing Commissioning

20th August 2008

Oaktech at SEPA's Anaerobic Digestion Explained Conference

11th September 2008

Oaktech at the RWM 2008 Exhibition

16th-18th September 2008

Juniper Publishes the ArrowBio Process Review

November 2008

ArrowBio Features in BioCycle November 2008

December 2008

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ArrowBio Technical Presentation for UK Consultants

10th April 2007

ArrowBio Features at Think 07

4th May 2007

ArrowBio Plant Under Development in Falkirk, Scotland

25th July 2007

ArrowBio Presentation in Northern Ireland

22nd November 2007

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Oaktech Presented Manchester's Environmental Business Pledge Silver Award

5th January 2006

Energy Parks Collaboration

20th January 2006

ArrowBio USA Submits Critical Response to technological report to Los Angeles State Council

29th January 2006

ArrowBio USA Presents to Delaware Solid Waste Management Working Group

6th February 2006

ArrowBio Plant in Due Dilligence Stage in Pachuca, Mexico

March 2006

Oaktech & ArrowBio Given Environmental and Sustainable Technology Award

7th April 2006

Full Environmental Impact Assessment for Australian ArrowBio Plant

26th April 2006

Oaktech Response to Defra's Consultation on the Soil Improver Source Segregation Requirement

2nd May 2006

Bulk 2006 ArrowBio "Sink or Swim" Technical Awareness Seminar

4-5th May 2006

CIWM 2006 & Presentations, "Sink or Swim" & Energy Parks Presentation

13-15th June 2006

ArrowBio Features in Environment Agency WRATE Software

5th July 2006

ArrowBio Features in the Chartered Insitute of Waste Management Journal

14th August 2006

Film plastic trials successfully creates products from recycled film plastics

11th September 2006

ArrowBio Presentation for Northern Ireland's Politicians

30th October 2006

Oaktech Environmental Feature In The Sunday Times

26th November 2006

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Oaktech Purchase of Technology Rights
January 2005

Juniper ‘MBT: A Guide for Decision Makers - Processes, Policies & Markets’
March 2005

Environment Agency: Waste Technology Data Centre Case Study
May 2005

DTI Global Watch Secondments
May 2005 – March 2006

ArrowBio Shortlisted for New York's Future Waste Technology

July 2005

Defra New Technology Demonstrator Programme

November 2005

ArrowBio Chosen For Sydney's Waste Treatment

6th December 2005

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